In our experience many companies would be better off setting up their own 3D design team rather than to continue to outsource work. Building in house talent gives you real benefits including but not exclusively around efficiency, pace, revisions, IP and cost savings. For those already generating CAD / BIM output we can assess your ways of working to realise efficiencies or expand your capabilities.

At DwC we can draw on our experience of doing exactly that for one of the world’s largest and most complex companies. We can provide a roadmap for hardware, software, process, pipeline and people. If you are starting from scratch or if you’re already producing 2D / 3D output we can assess your requirements and help you formulate a detailed plan on how to get more for your money by investing internally.

Whether it’s a few days training, a short term contract or spending a few weeks working within your organisation to help you achieve more we are here to listen to you and provide frank and honest suggestions. We’ve met with a lot of salespeople over the years who try to bamboozle clients with technical jargon while inflating prices, this does not go down well with us and we can see right through it. Our promise is that if you work with us we will enable you to achieve your goals without having to spend a penny or a minute more than you need to.