Fifteen years ago you had to be code savvy to build a website, they were expensive and complicated to set up. A lot of people were charging extortionate fees to create what we would consider basic sites because there were no alternatives. Today there are some excellent website design platforms that once the structure is created anyone can maintain content and keep it up to date.

At DwC we pride ourselves in our no nonsense approach, we can work with you to provide the most cost effective hosting and content management system ensuring the ability to upscale or expand your online presence at any time.

Sites like this one; a few pages with information, are the most common and can be set up really quickly. If you require a site for e-commerce, this is a little more complicated but we would figure out the most suitable solution keeping cost to a minimum.

So if you have been thinking about the best way to launch your online presence or revamp your existing one drop us a line and we will be happy to offer expert advice.